Carpet 20/30 and roses: the design that challenge

With their unusual design, 20/30 Raphael Charles and Red Roses NaniMarquina, presented the carpet to a place of honor in the middle of the interior decoration. These rugs will challenge the eyes and hearts.

Carpet Design 20/30: lumps of coal as a carpet
The research design always entails some further changes in the uses of everyday objects from home. It is observed that cases with 20/30, the unusual design of the carpet creator Charles Raphael. Its uniqueness lies in the coals that make up the carpet. Scattered casually on a round space of ground, the black nuggets seem to result from a domestic incident. Imbued with the concept of a covered green , designer upsets our senses: the dirty coal but in fact a carpet.

Although the name "20/30" refers to a class of coal, everyone can rest assured, these chips do not stain black. They are made of PE foam and felt. The carpet reached a diameter of 240 cm and varies in thickness depending on the amount of pieces arranged. Qualifying himself self-taught designer, Raphael Charles adopts a style torn between the real and the unreal and plays with people's perceptions. 20/30 honors that spirit and a hit with design professionals. Indeed, the carpet has earned various accolades Creator by his peers, especially in 2008 in Kortrijk, where he was awarded the prize in the category Vitra Living, and also to design fair in Milan in 2009 where he obtains the Design Report Award.

Roses red carpet formed of timeless and romantic petals
Less unusual in form, but equally disturbing, the carpet of red roses gives NaniMarquina the romantic red rose petals up to date. The mixture of intense red color and sweetness of this precious wool carpet inviting to romance and passion. What colors bring originality and warmth to your home. The base and the petals are made of wool felt and 100% pure hand-woven.

The density of the mat is 25 petals per cm2 inserted manually on a surface of 200 x 300 cm. This carpet roses are also in format 170 x 240, and also comes in ivory, gray and brown. Mellow effect guaranteed by walking on the carpet floral weighs 3.6 kg m2. All these features contribute to its price well beyond the 2000 euro. Roses with carpet, brand and designer NaniMarquina confirm their international expertise textiles in general, and carpets in particular.

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