Bloom Pot light pots designer Rob Slewe

Lighting design very original, Bloom Pot still objects tend to decorate outdoor/indoor season autumn and winter. Check out these creations by Rob Slewe.

Bloom Pot light pots: technical details
Bloom Pot light pots were developed by Rob Slewe in early 2000. The first models were marketed from 2003. Bloom bright pots are both flower pots and lamps designed to enhance the aesthetics of an open or closed. The Bloom pot are available in different sizes to find models with a height of 40 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm yet.
Containers with a double wall polyethylene pots Bloom Pot lights are both waterproof and resistant. Two bulbs of economic power from 10 to 20 watts integrated provide the lighting for each model. Bloom Pot light Pots are powered by electricity and have an electric cable length of 5 meters. The models come in several colors like white, pink, lemon or orange.

Bloom Pot light pots: how to use decorating
Bloom Pot light pots are decorative objects suitable for fall and winter season. They can be used for lighting the garden, terrace, balcony or edges of the pool. You can put the earth, flowers and shrubs for winter ambience of your outdoor floral. The wall of Bloom Pot fully resistant to water and weather. If you want to replace the bulbs, just get your hand through the hatch on the side of your lightspot.

Bloom Pot light pots can also be used for interior decoration. No need for a manual, you can rely simply on your inspiration for budding decorator and voila. Being a tight container, pots Bloom Pot lights can also be used as a cooler for drinks at the indoor and outdoor festivals that you organize in the fall or winter. Moreover, the models are very light and very easy to carry. The models available will be of great value both to the celebrations for the optimization of your indoor and outdoor decoration.

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