The best ways to combat mold in any home

Molds are microscopic fungi caused by moisture. They may be the source of degradation of a specific area or a working tool. So learn the safest ways to eliminate them.

How to remove traces of mold?
In general, the cleanup begins with the passage of a vacuum filter on the infected part. Then, use an unscented detergent solution scrape mold. Do not bleach. It will negatively affect the effectiveness of disinfection. Then take a clean cloth dampened with water and rinse the treated area. This flushing procedure must be done repeatedly, followed by rapid drying. Go back to the vacuum filter on the freshly cleaned, not to mention the surrounding areas. You can do the cleaning yourself if the moldy surface does not exceed five square feet yet.

A cleaning system according to the infected material
If mold is found on gypsum board, clean the plate with a cloth dampened with water and baking soda. But avoid excessive wetting of the plaster. For cleaning wood surfaces, start by spending a vacuum filter. Then rub with a damp cloth you dry quickly. For stubborn stains, use a sander equipped with a suction system. As for the concrete surfaces, clean them with water and detergent after spending a vacuum filter. A cup of trisodium phosphate diluted in two gallons of warm water is more effective for persistent traces. Leave on for fifteen minutes, then rinse the surface with clean water. Wipe up.

Special warnings for cleaning mold
Before cleaning, make sure you have the following accessories: rubber gloves, dust mask and safety glasses. Use plastic sheeting on walls and ceilings surrounding the cleaning surface. This will prevent the spread of mold in other parts. For security reasons, anyone with allergies or asthma should get away as much as possible to the work piece. For cleanups that require more than an hour of surgery, the protection system must be doubly strengthened. For example, choose a half-face respirator, with a carbon filter.

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