The attic, basement or garage to save space

Save space without enlarging the house is not easy. Operate a garage, basement or an attic is a really interesting solution. Here are some tips for managing these areas.

Build a garage or basement
Enjoy the free space of your garage or your basement for laundry accommodation. To do this, install a cellar by professionals. Buried, round or oval, basements are available in several sizes. But be careful, does not equip an office or room in a corner with no source of natural light. For semi-basement buried, create openings or leverage existing ones.

Establish a room in the garage or basement implies some constraints and a large budget. It would create direct access from the house. Before the arrangement, plan water supply and drainage, and consider the installation of electrical outlets. Make sure the power of your electric meter supports overloading. Choose a tiled floor, sealed and easy to maintain. If the laundry occupies an entire room, exploit and upgrade the sink and storage space for your products.

Locate the attic
If you have a good budget, why not make your attic functional. The required minimum roof height is 180 centimeters. Inspect the condition of the structure and make sure it can withstand an additional charge. We must first determine the location of the stairs, because it determines the organization of space. If you make a room with bathroom and toilet, please try to align them with those of the lower floor. This will limit costs and facilitate drainage fittings.

According to layout done in your attic, you should consider electrical work or plumbing. Do not forget the insulation in order to receive a maximum of thermal comfort. If your home does not have good insulation, it's time to think. Make also install windows for natural light to illuminate the roof during the day. Plus your attic is spacious, it takes more windows. Prefer a low-emissivity glass, because it allows you to moderate heat in summer.

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