The air conditioning, air in winter and summer

The air conditioning is a promise of warmth in winter and cool air in summer. To choose which model and how to maintain it?

The air conditioning, which system to choose?
Manufacturers now offer air conditioning systems in three forms: single-split, multi split and ducted model. It is essential that any air conditioning system consists of at least one outdoor unit, which produces warm or cool air, and an indoor unit of distribution. Mono-split consists solely of an indoor unit and another, outside. It is particularly suited to cool areas or restricted in one piece. The multi-split is an installation composed of several indoor units connected to one outdoor unit. It is designed to work in several parts of the house at the same time. Finally, there is air conditioning duct. This system, whose circuits are easily concealed in false ceilings, can cool the whole house. It consists of a single outdoor unit and several distribution points. This model, however, requires major work, if not installed when building.

The air conditioning, where to install the indoor unit?
The indoor unit which comprises an air conditioning system can be broken in different models. The most classic and most used is the console, accompanied by his fan coil. It arises mostly under the windows, against the wall and the floor. There are also indoor unit wall, highly valued for his discretion and that it does not take much space. Most often, she moved just above the entrances to the rooms. The third model is the ceiling. Flush or surface mounting, it arises to a height of 3.80 m without performance problem. It is especially ideal if you switch channels in the attic or in the false ceiling. Finally, the tape fits into the ceiling and the facade of which is apparent in the middle of the ceiling. It is advantageous in that it allows a perfect homogenisation of the ambient air through the blowing system at four directions.

The air conditioning, how is the maintenance?
As with any electronic device and / or appliances, regular maintenance of the air conditioner is essential. This must be done to ensure optimal system operation, but it also lasts longer. You can make yourself by doing maintenance from time to time to dust off the fan and wash or change the filter. Note that for reversible air conditioners, the filter should be replaced twice a year. You can also choose the following solution: take out an annual maintenance contract with the manufacturer of the device, and this, at the time of purchase. This will cost you certainly cheaper than calling a professional only when you loose your system. The services included are essentially controlling the operation of the unit and all the circuits in general, the air pressure, but also a clean deep conditioner.

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