How to decorate Shared rooms of boys and girls

Sharing a room is not always easy when your children grow and their needs for space and intimacy grow along with them. If a boy and a girl have to share that room, the problems could multiply. She wants one thing, it another and you want a nice room, functional and well decorated. Could it be possible?

If that is possible! Decorate shared rooms for boy and girl may require you some more work in coordinating colors, textiles and finding comfort in the common areas but you can do with some tips that will give you below.

How to decorate Shared rooms of boys and girls

Search the basic pieces like beds, cupboards, desk or heavy furniture in neutral colors to which you can add different accessories. Use multipurpose desks or panels (which could have hangers or space for their posters) to create division of spaces that offer a sense of privacy.

If there are two twin beds, used to differentiate textiles can be quilts, bedding or cushions of the same design with different colors, plain with different cushions in complementary or contrasting ranges.

How to decorate Shared rooms of boys and girls

If there are bunk or modular beds and space allows, try to be oriented differently, corner or two levels, and you can take advantage of the gap for common items like carpets or study tables.

The paint or wallpaper, can also serve to define two very distinct areas, you can promote it through the light, so that hoses are standing or even chandeliers independent.

How to decorate Shared rooms of boys and girls

Two study tables, two rugs, two gallants at night or hangers for your clothes the day are easy solutions to incorporate economic and decorative. They are also effective for the shared room, at once, their own territory.

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