Decorate the bathroom: how to organize towels

The towels as being fundamental to good and proper hygiene are also a great decorative accessory for the bathroom. Then why not decorate them? They are perfect if you are looking to add color, complement any corner and even give a rich aroma.

Here are some ideas for you to organize your bathroom towels and decorate with them. You will see that is a really simple task, and the end result will be even better than you expected.

Organize towels by color

Organize by color is always very good choice. I bet there’s nothing better than opening the closet in the bathroom and find the towels perfectly ordered. The proposal is to organize a gradient from the bottom up and manage small row. You can also do some shelf.

Arrange a rack towels

The racks are not just for hanging coats and scarves but you can also hang towels and thus avoid the classic disorder that remains after a family member take a bath. The idea is to use the rack to promote order and that the towels dry quickly after being used.

Sort the rows of colorful towels

You're sort by color, but prefer not to use the gradient option, ordering towels by rows of color it is certainly one of the ideas more quickly and effectively to achieve a neat and attractive appearance in the bathroom. You can use this technique in a closet or just on the shelves and racks that are free.

Towels on small roll

I love this idea! It’s really fantastic is not it? These small towels to wrap and place in a basket. This not only will achieve a great decorative motif, but also you will help your guests know where to get a towel when needed.

Folded towels

You can also do the same idea that you previously mentioned, but just as handsome folding towels you do most often. The idea is to exchange colors, perhaps designs and achieve an attractive visual effect. The only detail is enough to get a basket to make it beautiful as well as decoration.
You already have some interesting ideas for decorating the bathroom. If you want more suggestions, here in DecoATZ we offer some very interesting for bathroom design and also some great tips for a rustic bathroom.
What concept do you prefer?

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