Make our interior design

The atmosphere is a property set interior design style. It is defined by the mixture of contemporary design that is characterized by different materials and colors. The design style is also the purpose of harmonization of several items in the house.

Design is synonymous with modernity
Indeed, the word design refers to a style defined by the marriage of different materials and colors. Thus, the trend for stylish design must meet two main colors. Generally, the choice is mostly on the couple black and white. However, this is not a requirement and everyone is free to choose its color duo to his tastes. On the other hand, in terms of material, this trend requires the use of modern materials and technology. In this category include: glass, aluminum and other shiny materials ... They are at the forefront of design style.

In addition, two elements are also taken into account in creating the spirit of design including shape and decoration. The clean lines and sleek are preferred since they marry perfectly with the materials. Furthermore, the design style must also be placed in a wider space for development. Although the furniture appears luxurious and expensive, its more easier and end this trend seems to be the best solution. Graphic forms are also on the agenda to enhance the design and mix trends.

Bring in your design

The design style is still very flexible and can marry other types of styles. Thus, it is quite possible to ensure that every room in the house has a decorative design. The design style can also arise through the lights that create a calm and soothed. The lamps can be adapted with the rest of the house they are steel or paper.

For the bedroom, for example, one can choose a bed and wide asymmetrical, cabinet design and a few accessories. If the bed is red, the wall must be sufficiently clear. Attention in the same manner as other parts, bedroom design should be spaced.

In the dining room and lounge, the design trend can be created by combining the furniture fabric or leather and the asymmetric shapes.

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