How to decorate the house in the style green?

For a decorative greenstyle, it gives way to natural materials, plants and furniture are selected according to the possibility of recycling.

Eco furniture
To respect the environment, interior design also wants to bring his key to sustainable development. Natural materials, accessories recyclables, depolluting plants and many others must be the furnishings for your home environment. The green style has become a philosophy for decorating or even a lifestyle. Interior design and eco opts for recycling in the choice of decorative elements of the house. The ideas are not lacking in the market. There are currently produced furniture with cardboard. These cabinets are also very aesthetic resistant despite the fact that they are made of cardboard. There are also accessories made with newspaper and other, more playful, whose duties are diverted to become an accessory in the house. You can also buy your furniture at flea markets is the so-called "eco design". Moreover, the style Slow Design requires only the purchase of furniture made by hand, in a traditional manner and sold in limited edition.

For an interior green and opting for style nature, wood is the material missed. Not only can cover your wood floor with the wooden floor but this material also comes in furniture through the cabinets, tables, chairs to the various arrangements. For wood interiors, there are also accessories such as wooden vases for your living room and kitchen. Wood is recognized for its environmental qualities and its ability to heat insulation and the fact that it absorbs CO2. Always in insulation, roofing needs to be addressed because the energy can go through the roof if it is poorly insulated. Place and insulating plates on the roof for better energy saving.

The style of decoration with green plants.
Depolluting plants are also contributing in the home for an interior cleaner. These indoor plants are used for their ability to absorb harmful elements in the house and cool the atmosphere. And purify the air in your home. You can then choose among the multitude of natural plants for decoration on the market to not only decorates your home but also to provide welfare to the family. Especially for cooking, choose the Gerbera. This plant is highly recommended in this place where the fumes and cleaning products abound as she fights the pollution cutter.

The roof is nothing better than green roofs. Not only is this type of roof sound insulation but also regulates the temperature of the atmosphere for a home cooler in summer and offers a bit of heat in winter. That's how you can save energy by opting for green roofs. The colors of your home can evoke the nature and style green. To succeed then decorated nature tones must then be inspired by nature. Brown, beige and green are the colors that evoke the most decorative nature.

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